Brain Integration

As a scientist, this work challenges me to no end.

As a practitioner, however, it consistently inspires and compels me. If you’re anything like me, Crossinology/Brain Integration Technique may seem a bit “out there” at first. I’ll be honest: it is! However, I do this work for one simple and profound reason: it works. Time after time, I see truly amazing results treating a wide variety of people and conditions.

On this page, I’ll share more about this modality, its history, and the benefits it offers. I’ll also share case studies and experiences from my clients.

This work is so very experiential. In my opinion, the best way to understand it is to read through the case studies you’ll find here, and ultimately experience it for yourself in session.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, or to schedule your first session.

What is Crossinology/Brain Integration Technique, and how was it developed?

The Brain Integration Technique (BIT) combines the proven modalities of acupressure and applied physiology to successfully rewire the electromagnetic flow of information within the brain’s neuropathways. A completely non-invasive technique, BIT assesses and corrects cognitive, behavioral and emotional symptoms in children and adults. It was developed in 1988 by Susan J McCrossin and Charles Kreb and is now practiced all over the world. I am a Certified BIT practitioner, trained by Susan McCrossin.

How does it work?  

The human brain performs extremely complicated electro-magnetic functions and, like any other organ, shows symptoms of stress when it perceives a threat of any kind.

Under acute stress, the brain’s blood supply is redirected for fight or flight in the body, and the logic center or creative center simply shuts down. With the shutdown, the synchronization of brain function is lost and we just cannot think clearly. When this happens in early childhood, while the brain is developing, the brain will often maintain this shut down as a learned coping mechanism for survival. The original perceived threat and stress response may have only been a result of normal misunderstandings as a young child, and not necessarily due to acute trauma of any kind.

Later in life, this compromised brain function can show up as learning disabilities, physical symptoms, or unhealthy emotional patterns. We then typically beat ourselves up for what we interpret as shortcomings and flaws.

BIT can help children and adults to re-pattern brain activity around learning, behavior, and emotions, thereby allowing more freedom in all aspects of their lives.

I like to think of BIT as a way to tune into the conversation that is always occurring between your subconscious and your body. Using muscle testing, we can identify the stressors and blockages that are interfering with optimal brain function. From there, using modalities of acupressure and applied physiology, we can remove those blocks and neutralize the stress response, thereby restoring ideal brain function. At the end of a session, most clients report a sense of freedom, lightness, and release.

Who is BIT for, and what does it treat? 

BIT is extremely effective and safe for people of all ages, experiencing a wide variety of issues.

Together, we can:

  • Neutralize painful memories, emotions and stories that are blocking you from living the life you truly want.
  • Get unstuck by uncovering and clearing the root cause of your patterns and blocks.
  • Quiet that negative voice in your head that tells you are inadequate, worthless, and a failure.
  • Experience more ease and clarity in difficult relationships in your life, with family, friends or at work.
  • Release patterns of emotional eating, so that you eat from hunger rather than as a reaction to feeling angry, hurt, upset, or overwhelmed.

Other results of BIT include: 

  • Improved reading & comprehension
  • Enhanced creativity and expression
  • Ease and confidence in public speaking and performance
  • Improved learning capabilities in math, writing, science and other subjects
  • Increased focus, clarity, and mental acumen

The best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of this modality is through the results experienced by real people.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Working with Susan and brain integration is a process that is filled with unexpected insights and results.  I have been an emotional eater for as long as I can remember.   With brain integration, Susan was able to uncover the underlying reasons for my emotional eating that I had never realized.  Once those reasons were exposed, and Susan worked with me on them, in a matter of a couple of sessions, me desired to eat emotionally completely disappeared.  It has been 3 months now and I am regularly surprised at myself when I stop eating because I am full.  I don’t have to remember to do it, I just stop.  When I am feeling emotional, eating actually is the last thing I feel like doing now.  I get now satisfaction from emotional eating any longer. I don’t fully understand the brain integration process, but I fully understand the results. I am able to clear long held feelings and beliefs that are hindering my growth.  The process is painless, invaluable and brain changing. Brain integration is magic!

– B. G.

Finding Susan Batson was a godsend. I initially came to Susan for nerve pain resulting from four bulging discs in my neck. I am a musician and was planning on going on a national tour the next day. I thought I’d give acupuncture a try to see if my seemingly inescapable pain would lessen and leave me be to focus on the music and the road. When I met Susan, I was immediately impressed by her bedside manner- warm, thoughtful, and energetic. She truly listened as I explained the intricate web of dysfunction that my body had gotten stuck in. Then she gave me acupuncture and taught me a few stretches that would help along the way. From that day onward, I felt immediate relief that lasted the entire two months I was on tour. Three years later, I find myself still seeing Susan at least twice a month, although now we have expanded from acupuncture to brain integration. Our focus has shifted from the physical to the emotional to the spiritual and back. Not only has Susan helped to uncover insights and roots of physical ailments that I’d most likely never have been able to identify on my own, but she gently offers solutions and wisdom that can be applied to everyday life. After Susan’s treatments, I find myself stronger and more resilient in every domain, with a greater awareness of self and more powerful navigation through life’s challenges. I have seen many alternative care practitioners in my day, but there is no one like Susan. She is a true healer, brilliant diagnostician, and an invaluable resource to her community here in Massachusetts.

– Ali Rapetti, MT-BC

hannahpic“After one session with Susan, I feel so much clarity and freedom around issues that previously felt incredibly overwhelming, painful, and anxiety producing. Something I loved about the experience is that Susan could work directly with my body, and the subconscious conversation going on inside, so I knew I couldn’t screw it up with my crazy monkey mind (which can get in my way when it comes to talk therapy or coaching)! Susan brings a sense of real joy and honesty to her work, which put me at ease immensely. She also gave me a great tool to use on my own, which I use almost every day. I’m so Susan’s skilled application of this fascinating (and admittedly, a little strange!) modality.” – Hannah Williams


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